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Perhaps Captain William Schofield, United States Navy, said it best, "A full 166 years before the USO was born, Boston was providing aid, comfort and entertainment for America’s armed forces. Soup tureens were carried to the troops of General George Washington, encamped on Dorchester Heights. Warm blankets were spread for Yankee seamen who ran the British blockade and Colonial dames and maidens danced the nights away with homesick young patriots from the outland - that was only the beginning".


Today, the USO of New England continues those rich traditions stemming back to the birth of our country. Over the course of the past 67 years, since the time when civilians received "a call to duty" to support our troops during World War II, many things have changed but through it all, USO New England has maintained its dedication to keeping the time-honored tradition of conveying the thanks of a grateful nation to those who serve our country, protect our homeland and preserve our freedoms. Today we stand firm in our commitment to support and to bring the best services and programs to our military personnel and their families.